Sophisticated Malware Protection

Are You Affected By Malware and Ignorant To That?

  • Let us take care of it!
  • We Specialize In Malware Protection.
  • We have a team of experts which is always on toes to help clients.
  • We believe in solutions not problems.

From us, YOU can expect the best and nothing less!

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Fix all your threats

After Detection, We Successfully Fix Threats As Well As

  • We Offer 24/7/365 Website Monitoring, Alerts and Removal of Threats.
  • We help you save your website from getting blacklisted.
  • We promptly cater to the issue and fix it on immediate basis.
  • No matter wherever you are we communicate the issue and resolve it.
  • We do a lot more than you can imagine!


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Adieu All Spam Attacks

Don’t Be a Target Of Malicious Attacks!

  • Keep your website safe from external risks.
  • Remember, it’s always recommended to keep your site free from Spam and malware.
  • React Now – Before it’s too late.

Contact Malware Protection and Kiss Spam A Sweet Good-Bye

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Convenience is what we offer!

We offer The Best Combo

  • Affordability
  • Top-notch services
  • Best communication methods
  • Convenience
  • Unbelievable market competitive packages

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Sophisticated Malware Protection

Are you affected by Malware and ignorant to that?

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Malware Protection Offers Complete Range Of Services

Including Monitoring and Removal Of Malicious Malware Attacks After Sending Immediate Alerts

Our Core Features

Malware Monitoring


We Save Your Time Professionally
Do you want to save time? We offer immediate exposure and scanning of malicious shell-codes, traffic-redirect, malicious iframes, and obfuscated JavaScript along with other countless online risks and hazards. In-short Malware Protection:
  • Provides humanly contact and support 24/7/365 without failing.
  • Offers a zero day threat.
  • Updates you on real-time basis.
  • Offers services from sophisticated professionals.
  • Saves your website from getting blacklisted etc.

That’s not just it!

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Get alerts and updates immediately
Updates are crucial, when it comes to notifying malware attacks. Relax! Malware Protection understands that you are busy and you cannot keep the track of everything. That is why we provide with best of communication methods which are practiced around the world. We believe in prompt and direct messaging through:
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • RSS Feed etc.

We offer convenience at every level of our service; it is totally up to you how you want to receive your alerts. There is still a lot more .

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Malware Removal


Removal of malicious attacks
At the end of the day, it is all about whether a threat is removed successfully or not. Malware Protection takes the responsibility to remove all the malicious attacks and risks which your website tends to face. You can expect the best and nothing else from our experts:
  • After and before removal of the threat you will be notified.
  • We save you from social engineering attacks.
  • Rescue from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Clean-up from phishing attempts.

There is still a lot more .

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Secure your website from malware NOW!

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Don’t Compromise Your Site Because Of Malware Attacks

Malicious Redirects

Malicious Redirects These are redirect links that are made to a URL by hacking and re-coding the .htaccess file. Read More

SQL Injection

A SQL injection attack consists of insertion or “injection” of a SQL query via the input data from the client Read More


Email, sometimes written as e-mail, is simply the shortened form of “electronic mail,” a system for receiving… Read More


Spam can be not only annoying but also dangerous to consumers. What that means for… Read More

IP Cloaking

What is cloaking? A website that uses cloaking recognizes search engine spiders by their IP address. Read More

Mobile Redirects

Mobile Redirects Hackers can break into the .htaccess file of the mobile version of your website… Read More

Our clients recommend us!

Our website was injected by a Malware attack initiated by hackers. We first tried to resolve problem but soon realized that we should contact some professionals to get rid of this problem. We then called in “Malware Protection” to get help. These guys are awesome and helped us take our website out of a substantial malware attack. They were unbelievably fast and got the problem solved quickly. Thoroughly recommended!

A Local Non Profit Organization

Malware was injected into our hosting account by the hackers. We made contact with Malware Protection and they gave a quick response. They immediately started the job and removed the malware from our website through their cleanup process. I suggest Malware Protection to those who value the reputation of their website.

The leading Real Estate Company

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